Bob Friend – JOTA Team manager writes…
JOTA is one of the most successful endurance racing teams of the past decade with multiple race wins on the international stage, including class victories at the famous Le Mans 24 Hours.
In the current climate it has become more challenging for organisers to host world-class endurance racing events. And since we travel with a large support crew, as well as there being much interest from fans and spectators, we run the risk being unable to operate effective social distancing.
When we committed to the Asian Le Mans Championship at the beginning of 2021, the organisers stipulated that we would need to closely manage the movement of our people, with a strict limit of 30 personnel in the garage at any one time.
JOTA prides itself in seeking out the latest technology to maximise efficiency in everything that we do. With that in mind, we approached All-Tag, after seeing a system that would provide us with the perfect solution. 
Not only has the system been simple to setup and equally simple to run; but we have also received much praise from both the series organisers and our fellow competitors.