The Sensormatic SuperTag (pictured above) is unarguably the most popular tag on the market today.  These tags are equipped with Sensormatic’s Ultra Max technology, which is an Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58 KHz dual resonator with a magnetic bias.  These special components make it more difficult for potential shoplifters to shield the tags with booster bags so that they do not trigger the alarm of the EAS Detection systems guarding the retail store exits.  In addition, the lock inside of the SuperTag cannot be released with a magnetic detacher or any other magnetic device.  A Sensormatic SuperTag Hand or Power Detacher must be used to release the lock, making the SuperTag slightly more secure than magnetic release security tags. ALL-TAG has designed and produced two sensor tags that are compatible with Sensormatic UltraPost, DoorMax, ProMax, and all other 58 KHz AM EAS Systems on the market.  In addition, our SuperTag alternatives are equipped with locks that can only be released with Sensormatic SuperTag Hand or Power Detachers.  Therefore, our tags offer the same high level of security that Sensormatic SuperTags offer.  Our tags are called E-Tag and SuperStylus Tag, and you can click on those tag names for pictures and more information. If a retailer absolutely demands authentic Sensormatic SuperTags, we also have large quantities of pre-owned tags on our shelves that we can offer at discounted pricing.  Please inquire for more details.

UltraStrip, UltraGator, UltraTag, UltraMax, SuperTag and Sensormatic are registered trademarks ® of Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Checkpoint. 

We sell products that are compatible with Sensormatic products, preowned (used) Sensormatic products, and never been used Sensormatic products.