1992 – The original ALL-TAG RF Label factory, located in Manage, Belgium, began producing RF Labels for retailers throughout the world.

1994 – Checkpoint receives first orders for source tagging in over-the-counter drug remedies for Eckerd Drug Stores and Rite Aid.

1994 – Some of the earliest name-brand manufacturers begin tagging including Stanley Tools, BernzOmatic, and Estwing for DIY; Schering Plough (Maybelline), Pfizer (Advil), Rayovac, Ever Ready, Magnivision, Kodak, and McNeil (Tylenol).

1995 – Checkpoint opens Source-Tagging Evaluation Laboratory to all vendors.

1997 – Checkpoint introduces EAS integrated jewelry card.

1998 – Wallace Computer Services gets licensed by Sensormatic to build and sell AM labels for high-speed, automatic applications at a rate of over 1 billion per year.

1999 – Sensormatic reaches 1 billion per year label unit volume due to Walmart’s source-tagging ramp up.

2000 – All-Tag Security Americas Inc., located in Boca Raton, Florida USA, opens as a global sales and marketing office.

2000 – The focus of merchandise manufacturing shifts to Asia for Sensormatic. Source-tagging customers procure and tag in Asia, but ship tagged merchandise to the developed world.

2001 – Checkpoint perfects PSG label format technology that matches speeds of production and packaging lines.

2003 – Checkpoint launches “sewn in” security for apparel.

2005 – The explosion in the sales of DVDs and multimedia merchandise helps drive label unit volume to 4.5 billion per year for Sensormatic.

2008 – Checkpoint introduces reverse-logistics program called Hard Tag @Source to recycle reusable EAS tags for apparel.

2011 – All-Tag Security Americas Inc. launched a new production facility to manufacture labels in the United States.  The new factory supplies RF Labels to our US customers, as well as many other customers around the world.

2012— Checkpoint emphasizes “visible tagging” to improve deterrent quality with a lock symbol indicating security.

2014 – Ningbo Signatronic Technologies, LLC and ALL-TAG Security, announce a resolution of pending litigation involving U.S. Patent Nos. 5,729,200 (‘200 patent) and 6,181,245 (‘245 patent).

2016 – Nedap North America, a global provider of EAS and RFID technology solutions, announced a collaborative marketing agreement with ALL-TAG Corporation creating an unprecedented advantage to US retail customers using Nedap EAS solutions.

2016 – ALL-TAG unveiled the world’s smallest AM label.

2016 – TIC Group and ALL-TAG Corporation announce the opening of a new sorting and distribution center in Vietnam, which is a direct response to the huge growth of retail garment manufacturers moving to that country.