ALL-TAG Corporation (ALL-TAG) is the entity formed as the result of a 2011 acquisition.  The buyer, ALL-TAG Americas Inc., was a subsidiary of a very successful U.S.-based company whose founder and primary shareholder already had a 20-year history of sourcing and reselling new and used EAS tags, labels, detachers and accessories around the world.  The seller, ALL-TAG SA was started in 1992 as a Europe-based manufacturer of RF EAS disposable labels used to protect packaged products from shoplifters.

In 2000, the two companies formed a joint venture to market the RF labels in North and South America, and to capitalize on the new, but growing concept called EAS Source Tagging.  In a few years of collaborative effort, ALL-TAG SA became the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer of RF EAS labels.   Shortly after the 2011 acquisition, ALL-TAG moved the label production facility to the Boca Raton, FL headquarters.

In 2005, ALL-TAG entered into a joint venture with  TIC Group, an Australia-based provider of closed-loop re-use programs for garment hangers and EAS tags, with the objective of offering a comprehensive EAS Tag Recirculation management program to apparel retailers who wished to take advantage of EAS source tagging.  ALL-TAG supplies sales and marketing expertise and the EAS tags, while TIC Group provides complete logistical support around the world.

ALL-TAG is one of the largest privately owned companies focusing exclusively on EAS and RFID products in the industry.  In addition to manufacturing, sourcing and selling off-the-shelf EAS products, ALL-TAG is heavily involved in the development of new products and services that help retail loss prevention executives deter shoplifters and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) activities.  Examples include a combination RF EAS/RFID label called “2 in 1”, and a reusable tag that can accommodate any combination of RF and/or AM EAS along with RFID.