The ALL-TAG Guarantee – As manufacturers of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products exclusively since 1992, ALL-TAG guarantee the quality and performance of everything we sell. We design and develop them to be far superior to the low quality, poorly constructed products that have seemingly become the standard in the industry.  Many manufacturing companies are trying to penetrate the EAS market by offering inferior, cheap products made with poor materials, little design and shoddy workmanship. Their business model is to sell the products at extremely low prices in order to quickly steal market share, they have no thought to continuing customer service.   As products fail over time, their retail customers will ultimately have a big problem.  The cheap, low-quality products will eventually have to be replaced with the higher quality products they should have purchased in the first place.  What starts out as a “fantastic deal”, could end up an expensive mistake, product failure and unanticipated replacement costs often following.   Quality, performance and longevity provide the best ROI for EAS products.

The phrase “there is no right price for the wrong product” means that an investment in EAS equipment should not be based solely on low cost. Product quality, longevity and reputation in the market, and warranty must be the primary considerations in order for the investment to be an intelligent one. In our experience, these traits are well worth a premium.  Our advice to purchasers of EAS products is to make sure you research all companies and their products before making any purchasing decisions.

We design, source and sell reusable plastic EAS tags, detachers and accessories of both EAS technologies AM and RF – direct to retailers and through dealers worldwide.  Our tag products are all fully compatible with their respective EAS technologies.  Our RF tags are detected in systems made by Checkpoint, Nedap, Crosspoint and others, while our AM tags are detected in systems made by Sensormatic, WG, Dexilon and others.  Our tags are compatible with virtually all detachers – magnetic or electro-mechanical.  At ALL-TAG  we adhere to the strictest quality control standards and procedures.  We offer the best warranty in the industry – a full 5 years  for  manufacturing defects.

We also design, manufacture and sell ALL-TAG brand RF EAS disposable adhesive labels, and EAS/RFID combination labels worldwide – to retailers, consumer products manufacturers, packagers, integrators and other EAS source tagging partners.  ALL-TAG RF labels are in continuous use by many of the largest retailers in the world today, including Source Tagging…….. which is the most cost-effective way for retailers to eliminate the labour expense associated with the in store EAS Labels application. Participating retailers ask/require their  vendors to affix EAS labels as early in the manufacturing process as possible.  Source tagging partners integrate  ALL-TAG labels with their high-speed  application programs for packaging or ticketing.

ALL-TAG can adapt label roll size, glue type and top paper in virtually any configuration.  Our labels are available in a variety of formats (sheets or rolls), sizes and shapes (square, rectangular or round), colours (barcode, white, black, custom colour or custom printed),  performance characteristics (deactivatable, non-deactivatable, non-reactivatable), adhesive qualities (permanent or removable) also thermal coated for inkless printing.  Our labels are independently tested and compared to competitive products by independent test labs, retailers and consultants, with results that meet or exceed the industry performance requirements.  We also offer custom roll lengths for unique labelling applications.

Through our arrangement with Ningbo Signatronic Technologies, Ltd., we sell Signatronic brand AM EAS disposable labels in North and South America – to retailers, products manufacturers, packagers and our EAS source tagging partners.  ALL-TAG supplies Signatronic labels in all of formats (rolls or sheets), various colours (barcode, white, black, custom colour, custom printed or embossed), different performance characteristics (deactivatable, non-deactivatable, non-reactivatable),  and alternate adhesive qualities (permanent or removable).  The principle behind AM source tagging is similar to RF.  Participating retailers ask/require their vendors to apply EAS labels early in the manufacturing process.  Source tagging partners integrate  ALL-TAG labels with their high-speed  application programs for packaging or ticketing.  All of our adhesive labels are warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 year.

In recent years, apparel retailers have been trying to develop methods by which reusable plastic EAS tags can be applied at source by manufactures.  The process is called EAS Tag Recirculation™.  Source Tagging is a very cost-effective way for retailers to eliminate the expense associated with the in store application of EAS tags.  Target Australia, established the first program in collaboration with TIC Group, a global provider of closed-loop re-use programs for garment hangers and EAS tags, as well as other logistics services.  In 2005, ALL-TAG and TIC Group formed a joint venture and offer a comprehensive EAS Tag Recirculation™ management program for the source tagging.    The process is simple.  Participating retailers mandate that apparel vendors affix a specific EAS tag to the garment at the point of manufacture – just as they would affix brand labels and price tickets.  The merchandise arrives at the store already tagged, and floor ready.  At point-of-sale, the tags are removed, collected, inspected and held until another order is placed.  The process repeats itself in a continuous loop.  ALL-TAG supplies the tags, and TIC Group manages the logistics.  Together, we re-circulate over 200 million EAS tags per year for retailers, including Kohl’s.

In addition to offering high-quality products, ALL-TAG prides itself on providing superior customer service and technical support to all our customers.  We maintain high stock levels, and our aim is to ship orders in one business day.  We quote delivery dates that are “worst case”, and strive to deliver orders earlier.  We offer technical support to source tagging partners, so that our disposable label products can be positioned properly on packaging, and seamlessly integrated with high-speed production lines.

At ALL-TAG we source, acquire and sell pre-owned and new reusable EAS tags, detachers and accessories, along with new AM labels manufactured by others.  Where possible, we offer trade-in terms.

In 2010, ALL-TAG recognised the retail market requirement for a simple, easy to use people counting systems.  We joined with a European manufacturer and formed Sensor Development International.  To date, we have sold thousands of units to individual retailers and small chains.

ALL-TAG Corporation is a member of the following:

National Retail Federation (NRF)

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

Loss Prevention Retail Council (LPRC)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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