Custom Printed Security Labels for Retail Merchandise That Reduce Shrink, Promote a Brand & Much More

ALL-TAG has been manufacturing and selling their RF Labels to retailers, distributors, and retail product manufacturers all over the world since 1992. The primary function of the ALL-TAG Security Labels is to help retailers reduce shoplifting and improve their bottom line. ALL-TAG now offers retailers the option to have their logos, addresses, special warnings, or anything else they might want printed on the labels. This allows retailers to promote a particular product or brand, create a more effective shoplifting deterrent, or control Organized Retail Crime (ORC).

The ALL-TAG U.S. manufacturing plant was opened not only to ensure immediate order deliveries to customers, but also to provide customers with custom on-demand ordering options.  Investing in the equipment necessary to print high quality multi-color images and text on our RF Labels is another example of ALL-TAG’s commitment to providing customers with value added products in a timely fashion.

ALL-TAG is the only U.S. manufacturer of RF Labels, and certainly the only one offering custom printing options that can be done quickly and accurately.  Retailers can now use ALL-TAG RF Labels to help their business is ways other than just reducing shrink.