All-Tag offers products that detect the proximity and actions of retail shoppers in order to reveal the behavior of retail store shoppers.  With our state of the art Sensors, our Sensor Network Gateway (SNG) that sends data to a local or remote PC, and our user-friendly software package, the possibilities of collecting and analyzing various types of data are limitless.  The Sensors carried by All-Tag include the People Counter, Proximity Sensor (PS10-1), Contact Sensors that are compatible with InVueÒ POD (Protection on Demand) products, the Thru Beam Small Hole Sensor, the Radar Sensor, the Floor Sensor, and the Laser Sensor.  We have already blogged about our People Counters many times, so this post will focus mainly on the latest Sensors.

Proximity Sensor

The Proximity Sensor (PS100-1) detects the presence of people and measures their proximity to a specified object.  This allows retailers to measure the number of people drawn-in to a particular object or location within the store, and the duration that they remain engaged with that object and/or area.

Thru-Beam Small Hole Sensor

Perfect for more covert tracking efforts, the Thru Beam Small Hole Sensor is a small, discrete sensor that can be built into a 13mm hole anywhere throughout the store.  Using advanced technology, the transmitter unit transmits an infrared beam to the receiver unit so that each time someone passes between the two, the infrared beam is broken, signaling the device to increase its count by one.

Radar Sensors

Radar sensors use Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar to reliably detect moving or stationary targets.  All-Tag’s Top View Radar Sensor is placed above the target tracking area, such as an entrance, to count persons that enter into that space.

Floor Sensor

The Floor Sensor is essentially a mat with built-in sensor capability, placed underneath a traditional doormat to conceal the equipment from shoppers.  The sensor detects and counts people as they step onto the mat, in addition to measuring the length of time people remain put.

Laser Sensor

Using advanced technology, the Laser Sensor’s long-range capability is able to measure pedestrians walking through the street or in front of an object.  It measures the number of people walking by or through specified areas.  This data helps retailers determine the value of a location in the store, enabling them to direct their advertising efforts accordingly.

All of the Sensors above are used in conjunction with our SNG and to send data to a local or remote PC.  With the use of our software installed on the PC, the data can be formatted into a table or graph and exported as a CSV file to external applications for a more in-depth analysis.  We are perhaps most excited about the contact sensors, which can be used in conjunction with InVue’s POD products (“protection on demand”) to allow retailers to gather information on customers handling expensive electronic merchandise being protected by a security unit.