Purchasing all EAS products from one vendor (Bundling) Versus multiple vendors (Keeping Your Options Open).



  • Your limited to the products offered by the single vendor

  • You’ll be locked into a long-term purchasing contract for those products

  • You’ll pay premium pricing for those products for the duration of the contract

  • If the single vendor can’t deliver an order on time, you’ll just have to wait

  • Do you really want to buy from the jack of all trades and master of none?


Keeping Your Options Open

  • You’ll have access to every EAS solution on the market

  • If you’re not happy with a product or service from a vendor, you can choose another

  • Everyone knows multiple vendors means lower pricing

  • If one vendor can’t deliver an order on time, use a different one

  • Some EAS vendors specialize in certain areas, such as ALL-TAG with RF (Radio-Frequency) and AM (Acousto-Magnetic Labels, Hard Tags, and Ink Tags.  Pick and choose from the best sources to build your EAS arsenal.

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