A great customer experience is critical to any business. Customer needs and expectations are constantly changing with customer feedback being crucial to developing a pleasurable experience. The All-Tag customer feedback solution is ideal for businesses wanting to gauge their customers experiences in Realtime, supported with software that allows you to see easily the customers feelings.

• Simple to use (5 buttons)
• Easy to install (no cables)
• Push button terminal
• Up to 3 year battery life
• Can be connected to existing IT Networks or via the cellular network
• Live data stream with local or cloud access to data.
• Can be integrated with 3rd party software to provide alerts.
• Clear space on unit for text to communicate message on type of feedback expected.

The benefits of the ALL-TAG ‘Mood’ Reader:

 Measure customer satisfaction in real time
 Demonstrate Commitment to Service Improvement
 Act: Take strategic decisions based on dynamic data