People counting, the collection of data from every location (a physical space) where footfall occurs in order to understand what is happening in this space.  Whether it’s a sports event or a retail store we have it covered. From shopping centres, retail chains, cinemas, museums, parks, zoo’s, libraries, sporting venues, banks, restaurants, streets, indoor or outdoor we have the knowledge and solutions for successful data capture and dissemination.

Our solutions help you figure out the conversion rate for each location to see the real picture of performance, efficiently allocating your space and staff according to traffic.  This allows you create value in terms of revenue, profit and  efficiency.  People Counting Systems can incorporate various technologies, such as cameras, radar, and infrared. All-Tag has developed a user-friendly and maintenance free software based solution that produces valuable information in an easy to read format.

Our People Counting systems allow you to make customer count versus sales comparisons, determine optimal operating hours and personnel levels, evaluate marketing campaigns, adjust or improve your marketing activities, and make comparisons between customers or employees.

Typical questions related to ALL-TAG people counting:

  • How many visitors am I getting?
  • Where are my visitors exploring on my site?
  • What are my ‘’hot/busy’’ areas?
  • How well did the promotion really increase footfall?
  • How can we measure sales conversion rates?
  • How can we use staff effectively to improve and maximise customer service?
  • How can I accurately manage the occupancy of live events?
  • How can I compare retail metrics across multiple locations?


All-Tag have multiple technology opinions to support different needs depending on your environment.  Our devices are accurate, durable, incredibly cost effective, very simple to set up and allow data to be collected either manually onsite or accessed remotely allowing you to control and use the data in a way that suits your requirements best.

View the different product options listed or if you have questions, please contact us to speak with a specialist via the contact page.