Project Description

Alltag has a solution for controlling the flow of  customers/clients into a building, using people counting technology.
Our existing people counting sensors are linked with a newly developed micro computer to give real time counts of entries and exits to the chosen doorway or doorways.

This photograph shows JOTA using the stand alone solution, using HDi equipt monitors at the Asian Le Mans series, which will give the customer a traffic light style message when it is safer for them to enter.

There is also a global solution, utilising an internet connection to provide remote access control over a larger site.

This is a very cost effective solution, which can be repurposed into a conventional footfall counter when the need for occupancy control has passed.

Portable stands available, allowing doorway configurations to be quickly altered without cost.

Clients can use their existing monitors and monitor stands.

System is configurable by the client with simple mouse and keyboard from any PC.