Project Description

Ink pins provide an active deterrent against shoplifting without having to purchase and install expensive and complicated security systems. If a security system is already installed in a store, ink pins can be attached to Sensormatic, Checkpoint or any other type of EAS security tag to create a double measure of protection against theft.

Ink pins are referred to as benefit/denial products, because they deny shoplifters the benefit of the stolen merchandise. If a shoplifter attempts to forcibly disconnect a Universal Ink Pin from its locking device, the ink vials will erupt and ink will spill out onto the garment permanently defacing it. Statistics show that shoplifters are deterred from stealing when the target merchandise can neither be worn nor sold.

The Universal Ink Pin can be connected to merchandise in a variety of ways. As a replacement for the traditional pin, or in a “stand-alone” mode the pin is combined with a locking mechanism called a “clutch” (shown below). In this mode the advantages of benefit denial protection can be gained even for those without an EAS system.