RFID Deskguard


The Deskguard is a label activator/deactivator to complement the Hoverguard system. It can be used for programming or reprogramming RFID labels. Primarily used for label deactivation at the point of sale. Systems can be serviced and monitored locally, or remotely over the internet with no additional cost or equipment. The Deskguard can stand alone without [...]



2 in 1 RFID/EAS Tags and Labels designed to fit your merchandise and work with your RFID readers and EAS systems. RF Labels displaying your store logo, store numbers, and addresses. Protect apparel with Hard Tags and Ink Tags that promote your store brand and colors. Custom RF Label shapes and sizes. AM Labels that are thinner or more [...]

2-in-1™ RFID / RF Label


All-Tag’s 2-in-1 Label combines RFID and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies in a single label. The labels are compatible with RFID readers that operate at the UHF range of 860 to 960 MHz, and EAS Systems and Deactivators that operate at 8.2 MHz. 2-in-1 Labels will provide retailers with a simple and cost-effective solution for [...]