Mini Tag


ALL-TAG’s version of the Checkpoint® Mini Tag. This is perhaps the most widely used Radio-Frequency (RF) tag for protecting clothing and other soft goods. ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications Length 4.7 CM Width 4.1 CM Color Black Custom Color Available Standard Freqncuey 8.2 MHz Custom Frequency Not Available Detection Range 4.5' (140 cm)    

Mini Stylus (Pencil) Tags


The Mini-Stylus Tag is a shorter version of the popular Pencil Tags. A wound ferrite coil powers the Mini-Stylus, providing comparable performance to the Sensormatic Ultra*Lite. This tag can be removed from merchandise with any magnetic detacher. Size - 1.6 inches (42 mm) long, 0.5 inch (19 mm) wide Weight - 0.3 oz (8.5 grams) Standard [...]

Mini Stylus (Pencil) Tag with Attached Lanyard


Instead of purchasing both tags and lanyards separately, retailers can now take advantage of our Mini Stylus Lanyard Tag, which combines the tag and the lanyard.  One end of the Lanyard is securely connected to the tag, and the other end is equipped with a pin that is inserted into a hole in the tag.  [...]

Superlock Security Tag Detacher


The Superlock Detacher will quickly release any Superlock/Codelock and Standard lock magnetic EAS hard tag from the protected article at the point-of-sale. It is extremely durable, and equipped with a mounting kit so it can be secured to a counter. ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications Diameter 7.5 cm Color Chrome Custom Color Not Available  

2 Alarm Lanyard Tag


2 Alarm Lanyard Tag ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications Color Black Custom Color Available Locking Mechanism Magnetic Clutch Standard Freqncuey 8.2 MHz or 58 KHz Active Components Ferite Coil UltraStrip, UltraGator, UltraTag, UltraMax, SuperTag and Sensormatic are registered trademarks ® of Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Checkpoint.  We sell [...]

Metal Flat Head Pin


Metal Flathead 16mm Pin General Features: This pin is compatible with many different Acousto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio-Frequency (RF) EAS hard tags made by Sensormatic and Checkpoint respectively. It is also compatible with most of the All-Tag brand tags as well. ALL-TAG Security Tag Specifications Color Metal Pin Length 5/8 inch (16 mm) Pin Material Stainless [...]

Loop Lanyard


The Loop Lanyard is used instead of a standard pin to attach a hard tag to merchandise that could either be ruined by a pin or would simply not be applicable. Some examples of merchandise often tagged with lanyards include tennis rackets, baseball caps, shoes of all types, leather purses, baby strollers, and anything metallic [...]