DR ROLLWhat is EAS Source Tagging?

Source tagging is the process of embedding an EAS label into a product’s packaging or into the product itself at the point of manufacture.

Many apparel companies incorporate source tagging programs as a part of their corporate strategy to increase sales, increase in-stock rates, and decreases shrinkage.


Why Use Source Tagging for Apparel?

  • Apparel source tagging integrates with floor-ready programs, preventing the inevitable queues of merchandise waiting for an EAS tag before being placed on the selling floor.
  • It easies in the protection of high-risk merchandising, protecting the heart of a merchandise assortment, lowering shortage, and resulting in incremental sales.
  • Allows open merchandising opportunities, resulting in incremental sales, and more customer convenience during the shopping experience.
  • Relocates tag procurement and tagging costs to a more efficient place in the supply chain.
  • Eliminate or drastically cuts in-store tagging labor expense and misallocated productivity.
  • Pivots sales associates away from non-customer-centric activity to activities that drive shopper experience and satisfaction.


Featured ALL-TAG Source Tagging Products

All-Tag 31×32 mm SuperLabels®

The All-Tag Labels are paper thin, self-adhesive tags used to protect any type of non-metallic, hard goods item such as film, video tapes, books, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical items, or security cases for CD or DVD protection.

All-Tag 33×38 mm SuperLabels®

These labels can be used for source tagging, which is the process of embedding labels inside of retail merchandise at the point of manufacture or packaging. At the point-of-sale the labels are quickly and permanently deactivated with the use of an RF Deactivator.

All-Tag 23×44 mm Label

Available in Plain White, Barcode, and Thermal Paper. Custom printing available.

AM Security Labels – Roll Format

These are an alternative to the Sensormatic UltraStrip III (DR) Label. The roll format is well suited for automated high-speed applications.

Apparel Source Tag (AST)

The Apparel Source Tag (AST)  is a high-quality alternative to the Sensormatic® SuperTag versions 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Sensormatic Visible Source Tag® (VST).

RF Source Tag

This RF Source Tag is an attractive, lightweight tag that is well suited for our hard tag recirculation® program for source-tagging apparel.  It is very similar to the Checkpoint security tag that is used for apparel source tagging.


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