Source Tagging – The application of the EAS Hard Tag or labels onto products and packaging at the point of manufacture. This process helps to reduce shrink, improve operations and increase profitability. All-Tag’s Source Tagging program is proven to work.

There are many benefits of source tagging with ALL-TAG. It is the most cost effective way to reduce theft and shrinkage as the product travels from packing through the supply chain and to the shop floor.

All-Tags source tagging benefits:

Improve profitability!

Source tagging takes both the tag/label and application costs directly to the source of the product.  Source Tag application creates savings through efficiencies is application and shipping.

Improved Compliance reduces shrinkage.

All products that are source tagged are 100%, tagged consistently In the same place to your operational guidelines. Full coverage that is truly globally consistent.

Improve store operations.

Once received at store the goods can be put directly out for sale.  No delays in tags needing to be applied, freeing up store employees to focus on merchandising, replenishment and sales.

All-Tag is a leading suppler of all ST technologies (either RF, AM, RFID or EM labels and hard tags), and with our own distribution and management centers located globally, we can ensure quick and easy access to products for all overseas manufacturers; in the first instance please give our specialists a call on +44-161-476-1100

ALL-Tag is a global manufacturer and supplier of RF, AM and RFID labels and hard tags.

Our distribution centers around the world ensure immediate deliveries to any retailer’s source tagging vendors.  Below is a list of the largest retailers that require their vendors to source tag, along with the RF, AM and RFID labels and hard tags they use.

Please keep in mind that this is a dynamic page, because source-tagging requirements often change.  We will make sure this page continues to be a great resource by keeping it current and updated.

Please contact ALL-Tag if you need further information regarding source-tagging with RF, AM and RFID labels and hard tags:

RF Labels



Dollar General



Family Dollar

Rite Aid


Fred Meyer



Urban Outfitters


AM Labels

Home Depot


Best Buy


Office Depot


JC Penney


Sensormatic VST-R®


Banana Republic


RF Source-Tag



El Corte Ingles


Fred Meyer

 AM Ink Tags


JC Penney