The importance of Product Quality and the Experience of the Supplier

In order to make a sound investment in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products that will lower shrink and boost sales and profits, the quality of the products and the experience of the supplier must be considered.

There are many Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) product manufacturing companies trying to penetrate the EAS market by using inferior materials to build the cheapest products possible. Their short-term goal is to sell the products at extremely low prices in order to generate market share as quickly as possible. Their inability to provide high quality, long lasting products, which is what makes any investment in EAS products reasonable, will be a big problem for them and anyone who purchased their products. Their unfortunate customers will have to absorb the cost associated with removing the low quality products from store merchandise and replacing them with higher quality products they should have purchased in the first place.

Being a true EAS manufacturer since 1992 with production facilities in the United States and Europe, we at ALL-TAG guarantee the quality of every product we sell. We design and develop our products to be superior to the low quality products that have seemingly become the standard in the EAS Industry. The phrase “there is no right price for the wrong product” means that an investment in EAS equipment should not be based on price alone. The supplier’s product quality, longevity and reputation in the market, and their product warranty must be the primary considerations in order for the investment to be an intelligent one. Our advise to all purchasers of EAS products is, make sure you research all companies and their products as thoroughly as possible before making any purchasing decisions. We are so confident in the quality and reliability of our entire product line, that we have extended our manufacturer’s warranty to 60 months (5 years).

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