ALL-TAG U.S. RF Label Factory for RF and AM Source Tagging

Get to know ALL-TAG better in this introductory video

ALL-TAG Corporation is an American manufacturer of 8.2 MHz Radio-Frequency Labels, and a leading supplier for all other Electronic Article Surveillance products designed to help retail stores decrease shoplifting. ALL-TAG was founded in 1992, and is the second largest global manufacturer of Radio-Frequency Labels behind Checkpoint Systems Inc. ALL-TAG is currently the only company producing any EAS tags and labels in the United States.

ALL-TAG specializes in helping retailers launch successful source tagging programs or improve their existing ones for all types of retail merchandise including hard goods and apparel. ALL-TAG provides source tagging services and the necessary EAS tags or labels to some of the world’s largest retailers, as well as their source tagging vendors.

ALL-TAG has the manufacturing flexibility to customize RF and AM Labels, Hard Tags, and Ink Tags with company logos, warnings, and special messages further sets ALL-TAG apart from the competition.

With their product manufacturing facility in Boca Raton, Florida and inventory warehouses in The United Kingdom and Hong Kong, ALL-TAG can always quickly deliver standard and custom orders to their customers anywhere in the world.

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