In-Store Tagging Inefficiency? EAS Tag Recirculation Can Help

This is a clip from the CBS show Undercover Boss where New York & Company’s C.E.O. Greg Scott goes undercover as a store employee.  Why are we interested in this video and posting it on our blog?  Because there is a segment that shows Mr. Scott having a very difficult time attaching the Sensormatic SuperTags® to the jeans.  This is a perfect example of how

This is a perfect example of how time-consuming and costly in-store tagging can be, especially since Mr. Scott is clearly a highly intelligent and capable person.  If New York & Company had been taking advantage of our EAS Tag Recirculation service where the security tags are attached to retail merchandise at the factory level, those jeans would have already had the tags on them when they were removed from the boxes they arrived in.  Mr. Scott could’ve been out on the sales floor assisting customers and making sales rather than wasting valuable time in the back room fumbling around with sensor tags and pins.

Source-Tagging is the process of applying AM and/or RF hard tags and adhesive labels at the source, which places the tagging burden on the factory workers instead of retail store employees.  In the case of Tag Recirculation with EAS hard tags for jeans and other types of apparel, ALL-TAG collets the used tags and pins from all of the individual stores, and ships them to their various centrally located warehouses around the world.

The tags and pins are quality tested, cleaned, sorted, re-boxed, and shipped back to the apparel factories.  The apparel factories will then tag newly produced apparel before shipping it to a retailer’s distribution centers or individual stores.  This process saves the retailer a ton of money from eliminating in-store tagging, it gets the apparel out on the sales floor quicker, and it’s the most environmentally sound method of EAS tagging.


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