Sensormatic’s UltraMax Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology operates at 58 KHz, while Checkpoint’s Radio-Frequency (RF) technology operates at 8.2 MHz. Retailers are continuously trying to determine which of these completely different and opposing technologies is better suited for their individual stores. Choosing the right technology is not a simple task, and thus mistakes are often made. This is evident from a long history of retailers switching from Sensormatic to Checkpoint or from Checkpoint to Sensormatic products for various reasons. The reality is that there are advantages and disadvantages associated with both technologies, and one is not perfect for all retail environments. Retailers must discover the positive and negative aspects of both technologies and choose the one that meets their specific requirements and fits into their budget. This begs the question… do retailers know what information they receive from Sensormatic or Checkpoint is unbiased and factual? Won’t representatives from these two fierce competitors “spin” the facts in their favor to promote their technology to generate sales?

Instead of going back and forth between Sensormatic and Checkpoint and trying to uncover the truth, retailers do have the option to consult with an EAS supplier that offers products that are compatible with both technologies. ALL-TAG is the second largest global manufacturer of 8.2 MHz RF Labels, which are obviously compatible with all Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems and Label Deactivators. ALL-TAG also designs and produces a wide variety of sensor tags for apparel and other soft goods that are compatible with both Sensormatic and Checkpoint EAS Detection Systems and Security Tag Detachers. Because are a single source for both technologies, we have absolutely no bias toward a particular technology. All we do is listen to our customers, and help them choose the proper technology based on their specific needs.

UltraStrip, UltraGator, UltraTag, UltraMax, SuperTag and Sensormatic are registered trademarks ® of Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Tyco.  ALL-Tag is not affiliated with Checkpoint. 

We sell products that are compatible with Sensormatic products, preowned (used) Sensormatic products, and never been used Sensormatic products.