Event and People Counters, Proximity Tracking & Much More

For many years, ALL-TAG has supplied affordable, reliable, and user-friendly People Counting Systems to retailers, libraries, museums, and many other businesses. We offer simple People Counters with display screens showing the current number of people that have entered a building or space during a given period of time, as well as advanced Radio-Frequency (RF) Patron Counting Systems that allow businesses to view the data on a remote PC using our unique software application. With simple drop-down menus, our software allows users to view tables and graphs showing people traffic trends from an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly perspective. We even offer USB based Visitor Counters that can be connected directly to a laptop to download the data and view it via our software. Regardless of the Door Counting System they choose, our customers invariably tell us that the wireless (battery powered) component makes them much easier to install and operate.

We are now taking our infrared technology to a new level by using it to detect and report peoples’ actions (events), a person’s proximity relative to a specific object, the duration of events, air quality, noise level, energy consumption, and much more. The possibilities are endless, as our sensor technology is extremely flexible and can be used to provide our customers with valuable information to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

The picture above illustrates how our software can make it easy to view the counting data from one or multiple locations from a single remote PC. Users can drill into specific days, weeks, months, or years to generate a graph showing their peak traffic periods.

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